Admit One, Harry Potter Week

We count ourselves among the Harry Potter superfans who not only came to love the stories as adults, but also through the movies first. In fact, it’s to the point where reading the books is like watching an extended director’s cut; every time J.K. Rowling writes “…Professor McGonagall said tartly,” we see Maggie Smith glaring with pursed lips at a speechless Daniel Radcliffe and terrified Rupert Grint.

One of our favorite things to do is to periodically go through all 8 movies in a row. We usually take a full week, though our recent marathon lasted 2 weeks because we watched each movie in two-night installments. Our other highlight from our most recent Harry Potter Week was eating British (and Hogwarts-inspired) food every night, including: Fish & chips twice, meat pies with HP sauce, pumpkin pasties, homemade butterbeer, and cuppas with digestive biscuits.

To pass on the love, we’ve included in this post a print-ready 4-up version of the above Harry Potter Movie Marathon ticket, which you can print out to help enliven your festivities. (And if you happen to do this and have Instagram, be sure to tag us at @thispapership in your photo!)

Download it here: Harry Potter Movie Marathon Tickets

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