Baby Shower Invitation: Steph + Jake + Jonas

We’re continuing to write about work that we’ve completed in the last couple of months but, caught in the wake of our own insanity, have been unable to put up on our blog. Today we’re featuring a service we’ve listed for quite some time but haven’t done much of: baby shower invitations. Though wedding invitations are our most popular invitation service—and for good reason, since weddings and graduations tend to be the only formal occasions that culturally still require formal invitations—our invitation suites are essentially blank canvasses, which can be filled with a whole range of events: birthday parties (and unbirthday parties), showers of all kinds, Valentine’s day parties, and even parties celebrating the anniversary of Arizona’s statehood. (Yes, we’ve actually been to one of those.)

This suite features the baby shower of Steph Dorton on the eve of her and Jake’s future son, Jonas. Since Steph is also Ashley’s cousin and best friend, we had insider knowledge before beginning the suite, and were able to combine Steph’s love of the color yellow (using French Paper’s Pop-Tone 100# Lemon Drop) with her love of elephants, whipped up together with hand-drawn type.

Though the shower was several months ago, this post is timely, because in a couple of weeks we’ll have bags packed and be ready to shoot out to East Tennessee to welcome Jonas to the world in person! (We do hope, though, that he decides to arrive when we’re already out there for the Big Crafty in Asheville… but the way we understand it, babies don’t really have a sense of catering to family members’ schedules.)

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