Bad jokes

One of Joel’s secret hobbies, that we’re releasing to the public, is coming up with awful jokes and writing them down in a little “bad joke notebook.” He’s (at least) a 3rd-generation awful joke teller, preceded by his dad and grandfather, and he blames having grown up reading the little comics that come wrapped around Bazooka Joe gum.

Here are 4 terrible jokes for your enjoyment.


Q: Why didn’t the sea marker get Christmas presents?
A: He’d been a bad buoy.

Q: Why did the perfume company president get fired?
A: He didn’t have good business scents.

Q: What was the children’s literacy TV program hosted by the star of First Blood?
A: Reading Rambo.

Q: What structural building element has a successful country music career?
A: Rebar McEntire.

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