Buzz to Bucks to Bills

That’s how would sum up the networking cycle, which is the current that runs through the wiring of our freelance studio and powers what we do. We could both be working the 9-to-5 graphic design jobs we originally set out to procure and just illustrate off to the side, but we wouldn’t be able to devote nearly the amount of time to drawing that we do as full-time freelancers.

But ah! “How does one get work?” we’re often asked, especially since we don’t live in a major creative metropolitan area. We always answer: networking, networking, and more networking. We’ll talk more about how we like to network in future posts, but simply put: the more new media we create (writing, photos, and drawings) and the more we talk about it, the more people find out about us. The more people know about us, the more we get hired for freelance work, and the more likely it is that our electricity stays on, our cats get fed, and our rent gets paid.

Or, generating buzz brings in bucks for the bills.

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