Disney Spot: Mickey Ice Cream Pop

If you’ve visited a Disney park, the probability is high that several hours in, you’ve coveted one of these—especially if the weather is warm, which it almost always is thanks to the strategic placement of the parks in humid subtropical and Mediterranean climates. (We don’t suppose these would have been as popular during the winter months in some of Walt’s abandoned park ideas for Colorado or Missouri.) So far in our Disney park adventures, we haven’t sampled the fabled Mickey ice cream bar, but we’re dreaming of it now…


4 thoughts on “Disney Spot: Mickey Ice Cream Pop

  1. I think I missed this? Mickey ice cream bars are my dad’s favorite. He has to get at least one every time they go.

  2. There is something better than the Mickey ice cream bar. If you are in the Magic Kingdom, head towards the Hall of Presidents and there is a little bake shop called Sleepy Hollow. Here they will take their fresh baked chocolate chunk cookies and mash vanilla ice cream between them for an ice cream cookie sandwich that is so big it is hard to eat. But hard to share…
    Your art makes me happy 🙂 Thanks!

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