Flying Type High

We at This Paper Ship feel like we went to a theme park today. After having nabbed our new home/workspace in Hillsborough just in the nick of time, we received a visit from Tony Zanni of Dock 2 Letterpress. He and his girlfriend had driven 12 hours the day before from his shop in Webster, NY to deliver our new press, pictured above. We say “just in the nick of time” because the place we’re moving out of next week of is a 2nd story apartment and the letterpress is 300+ pounds, whereas our new place comes with a ground-level poured concrete studio space for rent. Meeting them at the new studio made for a very easy installation—and before we knew it, out she came from the crate and into our lives.

She’s a Pearl #8, built by Golding & Co. in the late 1800’s. She is an absolutely amazing press. Completely refurbished, almost all original cast iron parts, newly forged foot pedal, with a new set of rollers from down the road at Tar Heel Roller & Brayer Co. Not to mention, Tony gave us a 2-hour crash course on basic letterpress operation, and left us with a bunch of necessary type gear. (Now the only thing we need to get, other than designing plates and ordering ink, are aprons. It’s a messy business.)

Afterwards, to celebrate, we hopped over to downtown Hillsborough to eat at the Wooden Nickel for some delicious lunch and some obligatory southern sweet tea.

Thanks for such a great press, Dock 2! Our cheesy grinning says it all. (We’ll let you know what we end up naming her…)

5 thoughts on “Flying Type High

  1. This is so wonderful! I can’t wait to see it and what it can do. The sky’s the limit for you two!

  2. I’m so excited for you just reading this! A press has been my dream and is now becoming a real goal for the next year. Delivery and a lesson?! Sounds amazing!

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