As we explore and gather material to share on this blog, we often find delicious morsels that we’d left behind, like happening upon a morel that we’d passed by, mistaking it for a wasp’s nest.

Today we’d like to share a preview of a poster we had networked about a few months ago but which never appeared here. We were invited to participate in the lovely illustration blog Silver Screen Society, which features artists creating their own versions of posters for a monthly film theme. Our weakness for Disney won out again when we found Fantasia on the list.

There were certain obvious features of the movie that we knew we wanted to capture, namely the color scheme: deep blues and purples in the background, vibrant secondaries and primaries as the subject, white highlights to give shimmer and sparkle, and silhouetted black foreground figures for depth. The movie’s wide-ranging subject matter gave us too much to choose from, until we remembered that one of Ashley’s favorite pastimes as a little girl was pretending to be a mushroom dancing in the front yard, an imaginary orchestra playing “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy,” hunching and shuffling and twirling an umbrella as a cap.

You can find it in the original context here, and be sure to scroll down to see other awesome work for other movies:

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