Our Farm Table: Everything Old is New Again

Last week we met with a Craigslist seller in Raleigh and joined the happy ranks of farm table owners. It’s a beautiful North Carolina-built pine table, worn smooth on top and lightly painted green on the sides. We unfortunately know little about the table’s origins, including age, but we do know that the top slats are fastened to the frame with square nails, which are now so far out of production and widespread use that they’re considered antiques.

True to form, our main reason for being so picky about our dinner table—other than the fact that it’s now an heirloom piece in our family—is that it’s photogenic. Being photographers and obsessive home cooks, the two of us love food photography as a hobby. We noticed that we were disappointed with our bland backdrops, so we sought to remedy that.

Now we just need to start swapping out our dishes for some funkier vintage ones…

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