Photo Journal: Coffee Cupping


One of the perks of living just up the road from Chapel Hill is having easy access to A Southern Season, which brings as much awe to aspiring gourmands as a giant candy store would to one suffering from a sweet tooth. It can be a little pricey if you’re looking for everyday shopping for goods or utensils, but the strength of A Southern Season comes from the joy of being able to have access to obscure culinary delights.

And then, of course, there are the cooking classes offered regularly by visiting chefs and experts. This Saturday, Joel had the pleasure of attending an educational coffee cupping hosted by a representative of Counter Culture Coffee, a local roaster and coffee education center in Durham. The moderator did a great job by picking three coffees from very different parts of the world, processed through three very different methods, which accordingly had three very different sets of subtleties. Joel was able to distinguish amazingly obvious flavors and smells naturally coming from the three coffees, ranging from cinnamon to blueberries, tobacco to green pepper.

It was a red-letter day—and then he got to take home the rest of the coffee for free. Perks indeed.

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