Photo Journal: Double Chocolate Stout Cake

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We haven’t done a food blog post in quite some time so Joel’s birthday cake seemed like as good opportunity as any. Ashley told him to choose any cake he wanted so he browsed the Sprinkle Bakes website for quite some time, carefully picking one that looked both delicious and not too complicated to make (by request of Ashley). He ended up choosing the Double Chocolate Stout Cake (you can find their recipe here).

It ended up taking quite a few hours to bake and construct but oh, was it worth it! It consisted of the chocolate cake base, the mousse top, and more chocolate frosting. Just about every step of the recipe called for chocolate stout and cocoa powder among other ingredients that don’t disappoint such as butter, sugar, and heavy cream. It’s definitely the most complicated cake she’s made to date! But now that the door is open to multi-layer cakes she’s feeling like she can take on anything! Well… almost.

As you can see Joel enjoyed licking the batter. That night when we finally indulged in our first pieces we promptly had to get into some sort of resting position. It was SO rich. But if you are a true chocolate lover you will be in heaven!

Hope you enjoy the impromptu photo session documenting the process! Thank you Sprinkle Bakes for your tasty and fun recipes! Excited to experiment some more…

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