Photo Journal: January Picnic

When the client work has reached a lull between projects and we’ve been been steadily chipping away at self-directed work and administrative duties, we like to allow ourselves a slow start on Wednesdays. This morning brought us unseasonably warm sunshine, so we walked to the General Store for lunch and enjoyed a January picnic on a bench perched atop the flickering Haw River. We split each others’ sandwiches (a pork banh mi and a fried eggplant sub), washed it down with cold sparkling water, soaked in the sun, and enjoyed good conversation before heading in to take on the work day. It’s the little things in life that refresh your soul—but because they’re small, they’re often the easiest to overlook. Here’s to quiet adventures and taking good stewardship of the little time we’re given.

riverlunch4 riverlunch3 riverlunch2 riverlunch1

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