Photo journal: Our woods

While last week we found ourselves in California, today’s Thursday photo journal strikes a little closer to home: when we moved to the Raleigh-Durham area, we settled in on a rental house in the woods a few miles outside of the small historic town of Hillsborough. The listing called it “Nature Lover’s Retreat,” and we couldn’t agree less: the house was built with both levels featuring large South-facing windows, which not only aid in passive solar heating (i.e. in the Winter, the windows let in sun, and in the Summer, the roofline shades the windows) but also allow us a beautiful view of the 3+ acres of woods on the property. As anyone who works at home knows, you have to find ways other than “being away from the office” to de-stress—and one of our simplest ways is stepping outside for a little photoshoot.

One thought on “Photo journal: Our woods

  1. You guys are adorable! But you should show your beautiful smiles 😉

    I miss NC so much… I’m glad you’re enjoying the woods!

    Much love from the West!

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