Portrait of a Mess: Mon. 3/25


Starting in upper left, clockwise:
illustration for inspiration | burned candle | magazine stack | Burt’s Bees | dirty teacup and dishes
Mae Ploy sauce | paper airplane from a friend’s visit | pencil shavings, eraser, and date stamp

Crumpled paper, eraser shavings, and stacks of books. Unmade beds, dirty dishes, and crumby countertops. Spontaneous arrangements of random objects pulled from their hiding spots in haste and left sitting there for the rest of the week. These messes, to us, speak of people playing and working, too blissfully involved in what they’re doing to care about cleaning up after themselves. They speak of life.

The ability of a camera lens to frame shots is a handy tool, but unfortunately in lifestyle photography, too many times do these messes get cropped from the picture, leading the viewer to believe that the real-life messes offscreen don’t exist. We were just having a conversation last weekend with some dear friends about the fact that we do love styling, but we wish that someone would, for once, document a house that someone’s actually lived in—when it hit us that we, as work-from-home illustrators, have frequent chances to do it ourselves. So we invite you to confide in our messes as we periodically document them, and to take a moment to look at your own messes and revel in the fact that you’re too cool to care about keeping everything 100% spotless all of the time.

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