Pregnancy: Jake + Steph + Jonas


This past weekend we had the joy of driving up to Parkersburg, West Virginia to Ashley’s grandma’s house for her cousin Steph and her husband Jake’s baby shower. Not only was it meaningful to have all of the family together again, but this was our first real personal experience with opening the door to a new baby in the family to someone we are extremely close to. Steph and Jake are our best friends and being there to watch Steph open little elephant onesies, miniature hiking sandals, and a backpack carrier for their future outdoorsy baby boy made it real for the first time. We’re overjoyed to be a part of this child’s life from the very beginning and to be able to share in the process leading up to his birth. This photo session was taken in Ashley’s grandma’s yard, a sentimental place just filled with memories from when she and Steph were kids. We are truly blessed to have Steph and Jake in our lives and we can hardly wait to meet Jonas.

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy: Jake + Steph + Jonas

  1. I LOVE THEM!! Well, except my face in some of them, haha. You guys did such a great job! Thank you so much for doing it!

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