Scrambled Eggs

Here’s a fun fact: we make scrambled eggs for our chicken.

Believe it or not, eggs are good for chickens; it’s not too much of a stretch once you think about it, though, because eggs have all the nutrients needed for their embryo-to-chick development, and unfertilized eggs contain nothing but those nutrients. Besides, chickens are omnivorous—we’ve seen ours eat everything from breakfast cereal to baby snakes. (About the only thing that’s not good for them to eat is chicken.)

Usually what we’ll do is reserve leftover batter from French Toast, which we make fairly often to keep unused bread from going bad, and cook it up while the pan is still hot. After letting it cool briefly, we lay the pan out for her and, after tapping out a morse-code thank you with her beak, that’s the end.

(We haven’t had heard her requesting sunny-side up or Benedict yet, but with this level of being spoiled, it’s inevitable.)

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