Seven Happy Things at Work

We love our jobs; there are plenty of areas where work and play intermingle, and it’s often hard to see a distinction between career and lifelong passion. But let’s face it—no one’s exempt from occasionally getting rubbed the wrong way by the daily grind.

Here are seven things that make us happy at work:

1. Our studio cat, Ginger, laying upside-down and staring at us (it means she’s happy, too)
2. Seeing packs of deer walk through the woods outside of our studio windows
3. Listening to movie soundtracks or 80’s music, with frequent outbursts of singing and dancing
4. Drinking a fresh, hot cup of tea or coffee, sweetened or unsweetened (depending on the blend)
5. Getting a pleasant unexpected e-mail out of the blue, whether a wicked cool inquiry or a note from a kind well-wisher
6. Getting our hands dirty: grease from maintaining the press and cutter, ink from brushwork, painty hands, graphite-smudged fingers and faces (because smudges inevitably travel)
7. Looking around at the studio and simultaneously taking joy in current happy messes and getting excited about future plans for expansion

What are your happy moments at work?

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