Sweet Eats: Spize Cafe, Raleigh, NC

Since our recent move to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, we’ve been slowly starting to explore as time has allowed. The past two Saturdays have found us spontaneously driving out to downtown Raleigh to perform some mission—last week it was visiting the NC Museum of Science, this week it was to check out Father & Son Antiques on Hargett St.—and ending up wandering around afterward.

Having grabbed coffee and chai and beginning to feel peckish, we wandered down Fayetteville Street in the midst of hundreds of motorcycles and their accompanying bikers (apparently we didn’t get the memo that a huge annual Bike Fest was happening downtown) and found Spize Café, the kind of bistro we’re used to seeing on trips to European cities. Originally drawn in from across the street by the Locopops sign (a Durham-based Mexican popsicle company) and their snazzy food photography in the window, we quickly decided to share a bite after reading their sumptuous pan-Asian menu.

The ensuing sandwich, a lemongrass pork tenderloin with honey mayo on a baguette, washed down with canned lychee drink and canned Thai iced tea, was generous for a snack and tasted amazing. It was fresh, light, and yet satisfying in the way that only pork can be, and the homemade pickle and fresh greens in the sandwich balanced out the sweetness of the honey mayo to lift the lemongrass pork to even newer heights.

And now we know where we’ll be heading for dinner the next time we’re hitting museums all day…



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