The Big Crafty, Asheville, NC

Though we’ve been working with awesome national and international clients since This Paper Ship’s beginning, we never hide the fact that we love working locally, which for us especially means North Carolina. Two weekends ago marked our first time expanding into the western part of NC, vending at The Big Crafty in downtown Asheville. We’ve been busy expanding through central NC in the last two years, so we were really glad to be able to put in an appearance out west, as well as make some new art friends (Katie Lombardo of Katie Daisy and Nikki Mueller of Not Made in China) and catch up with other art friends (Jen Pierce of Monkey and Squirrel and Jordan Owens of Not to mention, we had to filter some of our profits back into the event—Ashley got a felted mushroom from Digs & Bean and Joel got a letterpressed journal from  Quill & Arrow Press, a former classmate of ours at Shepherd University. Plus, we slurped down some delicious local ice cream from The Hop, grapefruit and blackberry (the blackberries were picked that morning)!

Thanks for the great time, Asheville—we look forward to meeting up with you again!

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