Thistle Paper Ship

The picture of working while traveling often seems rosy: whether it’s a beach trip, visiting family at Christmas, or even heading to the in-laws’ house for the weekend, we often find ourselves needlessly lugging our studio equipment wherever we go. We say “needless” because in truth, the spare time for work that we think will magically present itself never materializes, in the same way that you’ll never accidentally stumble into a calorie-burning gym workout on the way from the couch to the fridge. To further compound the problem, we never find ourselves actually needing to work while traveling.

Our trip to Scotland, however, is a completely different picture, because we had the blessing of flexibility: we could choose either a shorter travel time with no work, or a longer trip with work. Since it’s a trip to visit close family that we don’t get to see often, we chose the latter. In another post, we’ll review what we like to call Studio Lite, the bare essentials for any This Paper Ship Mobile Unit. In the meantime, we’ll be plugging away as normal in our family’s flat in Falkirk city centre as Thistle Paper Ship.

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