Thistle Paper Ship: Studio Lite

Today we’re reviewing what we like to call This Paper Ship Studio Lite (with optional trademark symbol if you’re feeling it), the core of essential equipment for any This Paper Ship Mobile Unit.

The key pieces of hardware:
• Our laptop, Winston, with all his necessary cords
• Our giant Wacom tablet, which is actually bigger than the laptop
• At least one DSLR camera (usually our Canon 1D Mark II), with transfer cord
• A portable hard drive, especially good for keeping photo dumps from using up all available space on our laptop

Studio supplies:
• A sketchbook, 9 x 12” Strathmore 300 Series, for pencil drawings
• A pad of vellum or tracing paper, for inking
• For pencil drawings: several 4B graphite pencils, several red and blue colored pencils, and several Pink Pearl erasers
• For inking: at least two dip pens (one standard nib and one crow quill nib), several thin brushes, and a small container of Higgins Black Magic ink

(The really important piece of equipment that we don’t own is a portable scanning option, but so far everywhere we’ve been working while traveling has provided a small all-in-one printer/scanner that can do 600dpi scans, which is usually the size we work at.)

And then, of course, the only other missing piece is the studio cat. (We’re still working on that one.)

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