Tony + Margaret

Last weekend we shot Tony and Margaret’s wedding, another couple for which we had done an invitation suite several months earlier. It was fun seeing our illustrations translated into wedding fans, stamps, games, and a big fabric banner hung at the reception. It was our last booking for this summer, and we went out with a bang (quite literally: there were fireworks at the end of the ceremony and during the reception). Both families were nice and great to work with—thanks, everyone!

Fun story: the house where the bridal party got ready, and where we shot pre-ceremony portraits, was in the woods and connected to the ceremony/reception site by way of a roughly quarter-mile wooded trail. When we were finished shooting and left to go home shortly before midnight, we realized we were still parked at the house, and that the couple who owned it had gone home already. So we ended up having to slowly make our way back on a rough wooded trail, in pitch darkness, with a cell phone and the occasional flash from our cameras as our sole sources of light. When we got to the house, the gate at the end of the trail was locked, so Joel had to crawl on his belly, in dress clothes, under the fence to unlock it from the other side. Quite the adventurous end to our summer weddings!

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  1. thank you so much – we couldn’t be happier with everything – your design helped set the mood and your photography perfectly captured it!

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