Wandering Wednesdays

Are you snagged in a lull in the middle of Wednesday and find yourself surfing the web instead, or (in a perfect world) you’ve plowed through and gotten all your work done and want to unwind by browsing?

Apparently a lot of people do it. We’ve mentioned before that we watch our site statistics with keen interest, since traffic to our site ultimately brings us more business, and we love watching this general pattern unfold weekly: Saturday and Sunday begin the week with a low amount of visits, and follow with low visits Monday and Tuesday. Then we experience a climb on Wednesday, followed by a spike on Thursday and the week’s all-time high on Friday. When looking at a bar graph of these visits, it starts to resemble daily tides or an REM sleep cycle because of its regularity.

So if you find yourself wandering for a bit, don’t despair—you’re not alone! (And if you happen to find yourself accidentally ordering something form our shop, we won’t despair either… but impulse buys are another post for another day.)

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