Who draws?

Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, as varied in their appearance and functions as the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. One aspect of our partnership that we get asked about often is, “Who draws what?” Today we’d like to reveal a little bit about that.

As far as delegated tasks are concerned, generally speaking, Joel draws the type and Ashley colors everything; however, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be the occasional crossover, because often Ashley will block out a type layout for Joel to run with, and Joel will often consult on color schemes.

As for everything else, we both draw it all. The visual language of the “This Paper Ship style” is a balance of masculine lines and feminine forms, and to achieve that, we typically make sure that every single drawing gets filtered through the both of us; that is to say, it means that we literally draw on top of each others’ drawings, whether it means that both of us work on a pencil drawing together or that one of us inks the others’ pencil drawing.

The key idea is that, though you’ll be able to pick out aspects of our style like individual marshmallows (say, a heart, star, or horseshoe), in the end our style will come together like one big bowl of delicious cereal.


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