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We recently caused a minor stir on Instagram when we posted that shipping giant Uline had honored a recent large purchase of ours with a free Best of Loverboy CD. Bear with us now: change the chorus of their 1981 hit to something like, “Everybody’s working on the website,” and that will describe what we’ve been doing recently.

In the book The Way of a Ship, Derek Lundy writes about how life aboard a 19th-Century sailing ship was never idle. The sea is at constant battle to break down the ship, whether through the obvious elements of wind and waves, or through the more stealthy agents of rust and woodworm—which made constant maintenance of the ship a necessity and gave rise to changing the old laissez-faire adage to “If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.” On reading that, we realized that the connection between running our small business and running a deep-sea sailing ship was a little more applicable than the obvious visuals: we’ve got to constantly be on the move and never stay static.

That certainly applied to our website, which certainly wasn’t “broke.” But we had worked with Aeolidia to build it at the end of 2010, which, for a small business that has only been around since 2008, means that it’s now irredeemably ancient. Most importantly, we feel like the format doesn’t fit our needs anymore; back then, we had our hands in so many things that we hadn’t quite funneled down to our main source of work and income, and our website reflected those many directions. These days, we simply need a platform that exists as a portfolio website but functions as a blog where one can update content—enter Cargo Collective, which aims to be just that: a way of putting up work quickly, displaying it efficiently, and making aesthetic changes easily for people who technically don’t know how to code.

Soon we’ll be switching this over to our main web address, but if you’re so inclined, pop in and take a look at our soft launch portfolio site as we swab the decks and get it ready!

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